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How Does Addiction Impact Families? Battling addiction is viewed by many as a personal experience. Because substance use disorders have devastating effects on the user, many do not think about the other people directly involved and how addiction affects family members’ health and well-being. Partners, children, and parents who experience a family member battling addiction […]
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10 Panel Drug Testing

What is a 10-Panel Drug Test?  A 10-panel drug test detects 10 different drugs in a person’s urine. This list includes pharmaceutical drugs, as well as street drugs.  Employers, courts, and rehabilitation programs use these tests.  Types of Drugs Screened in a 10-Panel Drug Test  As the name indicates, a 10-panel drug test identifies 10 […]
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Cocaine's Effects on Your Eyes

What are Cocaine Eyes? Several drugs affect the appearance of the eyes, and cocaine is one of them. It can make the eyes look large or dilated, a condition called “cocaine eyes” or “cocaine pupils.” Cocaine is a strong stimulant drug. It’s also called C, coke, blow, snow, and flake.1  Cocaine comes in three different […]
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