Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers Near Elk Grove, CA

The journey to sobriety is different for everyone, but they all start somewhere. There are several good options in Elk Grove for treatment. 

Each provides specialized treatment for people struggling with substance abuse disorders. However, finding a good fit for you can be hard, if not overwhelming.

We’ve made a directory to help you find some of the best rehab centers in your area. We used AI to sort through 870 of Google, Yelp, and Facebook reviews, so you don’t have to.

We based this directory on the following:

  • Reviews and testimonials
  • Specialized programs
  • Location and Facilities
  • Treatment options
  • Insurance and payment options

This directory will help you filter through the different treatment centers and find the right one for you. Whether you’re a local to the area or looking to travel for care, these addiction treatment centers near Elk Grove can cater to your needs.

Top 17 Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers Near Elk Grove, CA

Diamond House Detox

8624 Diamond Oak Way, Elk Grove, CA 95624

4.5 out of 5 (50 reviews)

The positive reviews highlight the compassionate and supportive staff at Diamond House, the excellent treatment programs, and the overall feeling of safety and care. Reviewers express gratitude for the educational classes, personalized approach, and the tools they gained for long-term recovery. The accommodations, including comfortable rooms, smart TVs, and amenities like a hot tub and basketball court, are praised. The food is also mentioned positively.


  • Compassionate and supportive staff: Multiple reviews highlight the kindness and supportiveness of the staff at Diamond House. They are described as caring, understanding, and respectful, providing excellent care and guidance throughout the recovery process.
  • Top-notch medical and therapy treatment: Patients appreciate the high-quality medical and therapy treatments offered at Diamond House. The program is considered excellent in terms of helping individuals embrace recovery, providing educational and easily understandable classes, and answering questions with clarity and a sense of caring.
  • Comfortable and luxurious accommodations: The residential facilities at Diamond House are described as lavish and luxurious. The rooms are spacious and well-equipped with amenities such as smart TVs, desks, and private bathrooms. The common areas are clean and well-maintained, providing a comfortable environment for recovery. Several reviews mention the presence of hot tubs, a basketball court, and other recreational options.

MedMark Treatment Centers Sacramento

7240 E Southgate Dr # G, Sacramento, CA 95823

4.2 out of 5 (43 reviews)

Positive reviews about the addiction treatment center highlight the helpful and professional staff, tailored treatment plans, and the positive impact the center has had on patients' lives. Many reviewers express gratitude for the supportive and nonjudgmental environment at the center. The ability to earn take-home privileges and the convenience of the location are also mentioned as positive aspects.


  • Professional and caring staff: The staff at the addiction treatment center are described as professional, courteous, and respectful. They are praised for their patience, care, and concern towards the patients.
  • Effective treatment plans: The treatment plans at the center are tailored to fit each patient's needs and are highly effective in helping them recover from opiate addiction.
  • Convenient and flexible program: Patients appreciate the option to earn take-home privileges, allowing them to receive their dosage on a scheduled program and eventually graduate from the treatment.

Transitions Buprenorphine Clinic of Sacramento

3647 40th St, Sacramento, CA 95817

4.7 out of 5 (37 reviews)

- The clinic is praised for its helpful and supportive staff, with Mindy being specifically mentioned as the best. - Some reviewers express gratitude for the clinic's role in helping them overcome their addiction and regain control of their lives. - Dr. Flynn is highly regarded for his empathy and care, with one reviewer stating they would never have been able to get off opioids without his help.


  • The staff at Transitions Clinic is highly praised for being helpful, caring, and supportive. Many reviewers mentioned specific staff members who went above and beyond to provide excellent care and support.
  • Transitions Clinic is commended for its commitment to helping people recover and stay clean. Reviewers mentioned that the clinic truly cares about its patients and offers various programs and services to support their journey towards sobriety.
  • The clinic offers affordable prices compared to other addiction treatment centers in the area. Reviewers mentioned that the prices were reasonable and worth the investment in their recovery.

BAART Programs Norwood

310 Harris Ave # A, Sacramento, CA 95838

4.4 out of 5 (53 reviews)

Positive reviews about the addiction treatment center include praise for specific counselors like Tricia Story and Mona who are described as helpful and attentive. The clinic is commended for accommodating different needs, having friendly and professional staff, and offering a variety of counselors. Patients appreciate the positive changes the clinic has brought to their lives and express gratitude for the support and guidance they receive.


  • Great counselors: Multiple reviews mention specific counselors by name and highlight their effectiveness and supportiveness in helping individuals through their addiction recovery journey.
  • Friendly and helpful staff: Many reviewers praise the staff for being kind, caring, and professional. They mention that the staff genuinely cares about the patients and works hard to provide support and assistance.
  • Effective treatment: Several reviews express gratitude for the treatment received at the addiction treatment center and credit it with helping them turn their lives around. The clinic is mentioned as instrumental in saving lives, providing a better quality of life, and giving individuals hope for a future free from addiction.

Diamond House Detox

6808 Fleming Ave, Sacramento, CA 95828

4.8 out of 5 (50 reviews)

Diamond House is highly recommended by reviewers who have found it to be an amazing place for addiction recovery. The staff is described as caring, loving, and supportive, putting the needs of the clients first. The facility is clean, comfortable, and provides excellent amenities such as private rooms, gourmet meals, and a balanced schedule of meetings and activities. The program is praised for its educational curriculum, skilled therapists, and individualized treatment plans. Overall, Diamond House is hailed as a life-changing facility with a compassionate staff that genuinely cares about each client's recovery journey.


  • Caring and loving staff who prioritize your addiction needs
  • Clean and comfortable environment with amazing food
  • Highly educated and experienced staff in the field of addiction and rehabilitation.

Essential Behavioral Health

8950 Cal Center Dr #165, Sacramento, CA 95826

4.2 out of 5 (97 reviews)

The positive reviews about the addiction treatment center highlight the caring and invested staff, the helpful material and tools provided, the life-changing experiences, and the success achieved in recovery. The staff is praised for their knowledge, passion, and dedication to clients' progress, with specific mentions for individual staff members who made a significant impact. The program is commended for its educational classes, supportive environment, and emphasis on personal growth and self-care. Overall, the facility is recommended for its quality care and commitment to helping individuals recover from addiction and improve their mental health.


  • The staff at this addiction treatment center are genuinely invested in each and every client's success. They provide real-time advice and guidance, helping clients understand their addictions and providing support throughout their recovery journey.
  • The program offers a dual diagnosis approach, addressing both addiction and mental health issues. This comprehensive approach plays a vital role in mental health recovery and provides clients with helpful material and tools for their journey.
  • The facility offers individualized care and education, with a staff that is educated and focused on each client's recovery. The staff is caring, knowledgeable, and provides support throughout the client's stay.

Bridges DUI Program

4241 Florin Rd Suite 75, Sacramento, CA 95823

4.8 out of 5 (97 reviews)

The positive reviews about the addiction treatment center highlight the professionalism and helpfulness of the staff, including the counselors. Many reviewers specifically mention the counselors Sally Montazer, Alma Gutierrez, Krystal Orengo, and Jasmine as being excellent, supportive, and knowledgeable. The program is praised for its friendly atmosphere, flexible scheduling, and engaging classes. Overall, the reviewers express gratitude for the assistance they received and recommend the center to others seeking addiction treatment.


  • Staff is friendly and helpful: Many reviews mention that the staff at the addiction treatment center is friendly, kind, and willing to help. They are praised for their support and guidance throughout the program.
  • Knowledgeable and professional counselors: Several reviewers specifically mention the counselors by name and highlight their expertise and effectiveness. They describe the counselors as being understanding, patient, and knowledgeable in their field.
  • Great program structure and learning experience: Many reviewers express satisfaction with the program, stating that it is well-run and provides a positive learning experience. They appreciate the structure of the program and mention that the classes are interesting and enjoyable.

Options Recovery Services

1835 Allston Way, Berkeley, CA 94703

4.5 out of 5 (83 reviews)

The positive reviews mention that the addiction treatment center has a caring and helpful staff who are respectful and provide professional services. The program is praised for its effectiveness in helping individuals with recovery and sobriety, and the transitional housing and resources offered are appreciated. The center is also commended for making a difference in the community and being a valuable resource for those seeking help with addiction.


  • Dedicated and caring staff: Many reviews mention the staff at the addiction treatment center being kind, respectful, and compassionate. They genuinely care about helping individuals recover and provide excellent support throughout the program.
  • Effective program and resources: The program at the center is described as organized and valuable for those serious about changing their lives. They provide transitional housing and on-demand services without much waiting time, which is greatly appreciated by the reviewers.
  • Life-changing experience: Several individuals express immense gratitude towards the center for saving their lives and providing them with a second chance at a better life. They credit the program for their sobriety and positive transformation.
  • Please note that not all reviews were positive, and it is important to consider all aspects and conduct further research before making a decision.

Pathways Recovery

775 Sunrise Ave STE 210, Roseville, CA 95661

4.8 out of 5 (38 reviews)

The positive reviews for the addiction treatment center highlight the amazing staff and counselors who are compassionate and knowledgeable. The reviewers appreciate the personalized care and support they received throughout their recovery journey. Many also commend the facility for its holistic approach, providing tools for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Additionally, the center is praised for its focus on family support and the sense of community it fosters.


  • The staff at Pathways Recovery are highly praised for their compassion, knowledge, and dedication to helping clients. Many reviewers specifically mentioned the amazing counselors and the impact they had on their recovery journey.
  • The treatment program at Pathways Recovery is holistic and personalized, focusing on the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of addiction. Multiple reviewers mentioned the comprehensive approach and the variety of tools and resources provided for recovery.
  • The facility and environment at Pathways Recovery are frequently described as comfortable and supportive. Reviewers appreciated the small client-to-staff ratio, allowing for more personalized attention and the feeling of being treated as an individual rather than a statistic.

Azure Acres Recovery Center - Sacramento Outpatient Treatment

2641 Cottage Way #8, Sacramento, CA 95825

4.9 out of 5 (27 reviews)

The addiction treatment center receives overwhelmingly positive reviews. Clients highlight the exceptional staff, particularly Jym, who is described as compassionate, knowledgeable, and life-changing. The program is praised for its supportive and loving environment, effective curriculum, and emphasis on making recovery enjoyable. Overall, the center's staff and approach to treatment are highly recommended by clients.


  • The staff and support at Azure Acres are highly recommended by multiple reviewers, with specific praise for Jym and his compassionate and life-changing approach to recovery.
  • The program at Azure Acres offers a great balance of individual counseling, group sessions, and curriculum, providing a comprehensive treatment for substance abuse.
  • The counselors, especially Jym, are knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and genuinely interested in the recovery of their clients, making the treatment experience supportive and effective.

California Recovery Center

423 Oak St, Roseville, CA 95678

5 out of 5 (23 reviews)

The addiction treatment center has received highly positive reviews from multiple individuals. The staff is described as amazing, caring, and passionate about their jobs. The center provides a comprehensive program, including medication detox, therapy groups, and personalized treatment plans. The amenities and food are also highly praised. Overall, the center is highly recommended for those seeking help with addiction.


  • The staff at this addiction treatment center is highly praised for their compassion, care, and professionalism. Patients feel at ease and supported from the moment they walk through the doors.
  • The center offers a comprehensive program that includes not only medication detox but also therapy groups to help patients process their issues. The one-on-one time with therapists and the availability of an aftercare plan provides personalized support for long-term recovery.
  • The amenities, such as the incredible food prepared by an amazing chef and the availability of massages, contribute to the overall positive experience at this center. The comfortable environment helps patients feel at home and supported throughout their recovery journey.

Bridges Professional Treatment Services

3600 Power Inn Rd C, Sacramento, CA 95826

4 out of 5 (17 reviews)

The addiction treatment center has a professional, non-judgmental, and caring staff that goes above and beyond to help clients. Many reviewers found the center to be life-changing, offering them a chance at a clean and happy life. Some specific staff members, like Kathleen Hodges and Bill Ashworth, were recommended for their exceptional support.


  • Professional and non-judgmental staff: The staff at this addiction treatment center are described as professional and non-judgmental, creating a supportive and understanding environment for individuals seeking recovery.
  • Highly recommended staff members: Specific staff members, such as Kathleen Hodges and Bill Ashworth, are mentioned as being particularly helpful and supportive, indicating that there are dedicated and effective professionals working at this center.
  • Effective in helping with legal cases: According to one review, this center was instrumental in helping to keep someone's children in a CPS case, suggesting that they may have resources and programs specifically designed to assist individuals dealing with legal issues related to their addiction.

Fair Oaks Recovery Center

2221 Fair Oaks Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95825

4.5 out of 5 (15 reviews)

The addiction treatment center receives positive reviews for its caring and supportive staff who go above and beyond to help clients. Reviewers mention specific counselors, such as Tina, Teresa, Anne, Holly, and Theresa, who are praised for their knowledge and dedication to patients' recovery. The center is also commended for providing valuable tools and strategies to combat addiction and manage mental health.


  • The staff at Fair Oaks Recovery Center is described as amazing, supportive, and caring. They go above and beyond to help clients succeed in their recovery journey.
  • The counselors at this facility are highly praised for their knowledge, passion, and dedication to helping clients combat and manage their addiction. They provide personalized treatment plans and teach valuable tools for sobriety.
  • The overall care and treatment at Fair Oaks Recovery Center are highly regarded. From the clinical staff to the nursing staff, the administrative staff to the CEO, everyone is involved in patient care and actively participates in helping individuals overcome addiction.

Clean & Sober Transitional Living

8938 Madison Ave, Fair Oaks, CA 95628

4.7 out of 5 (14 reviews)

Reviewers of the addiction treatment center praise its supportive community and emphasis on individual paths within a 12-Step framework. The management is highly regarded, and the center offers numerous 12-Step meetings both on-site and in nearby locations. The center is described as a safe and clean environment that has saved lives and provided a positive recovery experience for residents.


  • Community-based approach with a supportive environment
  • Allows individuals to develop their own path within a broad 12-Step framework
  • Numerous 12-Step meetings available both on-site and nearby

River City Recovery Center

12490 Alta Mesa Rd, Herald, CA 95638

4.9 out of 5 (14 reviews)

The addiction treatment center has received overwhelmingly positive reviews. Many people mentioned that the center saved their lives and helped them achieve long-term sobriety. The supportive and welcoming environment, filled with love and brotherhood, was commended by multiple reviewers. The center was also praised for its effectiveness in changing lives and providing a strong foundation for recovery.


  • Provides a supportive and welcoming environment: The addiction treatment center is praised for its welcoming and supportive atmosphere, where individuals feel uplifted and supported by both staff and fellow participants. This creates a positive and encouraging environment for recovery.
  • Effective and life-changing program: Many reviewers mention that the center has significantly impacted their lives and helped them achieve long-term sobriety. The program provided at the center is said to be life-changing and has helped individuals develop the necessary tools to face the challenges of the outside world.
  • Spiritual and holistic approach: The center is described as an amazing and spiritual place, indicating that it offers a holistic approach to addiction recovery. This can be appealing to individuals who seek a treatment center that not only addresses their substance abuse issues but also helps them find meaning, purpose, and a deeper sense of spirituality in their recovery journey.

The Pathway Program

3900 Rocklin Rd Suite #100, Rocklin, CA 95677

5 out of 5 (13 reviews)

The positive reviews highlight the incredible work done at Pathway, with counselors providing great support and insight. The program creates a supportive community for teens, and the parent meetings and resources are considered invaluable. Many reviewers credit the program with saving their loved ones and their families, and strongly recommend it for anyone struggling with addiction. The counselors at Pathway are praised for their relatability and the sense of community they build among the participants. Overall, Pathway is seen as a lifeline for those struggling with substance abuse, providing support, guidance, and life-changing programs.


  • The program provides incredible support and insight for both teens and parents, creating a supportive community for recovery.
  • The staff is professional, knowledgeable, and relatable, as they are all in recovery themselves.
  • The program offers a unique approach with a focus on long-term aftercare, including recovery group meetings and sober activities, which helps individuals maintain sobriety.

New Dawn Treatment Centers - Intensive Outpatient Program

9960 Business Park Dr #160, Sacramento, CA 95827

4.1 out of 5 (9 reviews)

Overall, the positive reviews highlight the effectiveness of the addiction treatment program, with praise for the counselors and the organized intake process. Graduates reported a renewed outlook on life, equipped with coping skills and resources to maintain sobriety. The program is highly recommended for those in need of help.


  • Great program with knowledgeable and supportive counselors
  • Provides effective coping skills and resources for maintaining sobriety
  • Friendly and helpful staff members.

Types of Rehab Available

The best treatment depends on the severity of your addiction, family and living situation, personal needs, and other factors.

There are a few different treatment options for people who are looking for help with their addiction. 

Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient centers are the most comprehensive option for addiction treatment. You live on-site in substance-free housing and have 24/7 access to qualified professional care.

They provide medically supervised detox, behavioral therapy, and other services. Most inpatient programs last 30, 60, or 90 days, while some last longer. Most programs will set up your aftercare program once you complete inpatient treatment.

This type of treatment is best for people who don't have control over their addiction and need medical supervision to stay sober.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment is less comprehensive than inpatient treatment. Your treatment is organized around your schedule. They provide therapy, education, and other support services on-site, but you return to your home afterward.

Outpatient programs can work on their own as a comprehensive treatment plan or be a part of an aftercare plan.

They are best for people with a high motivation level to become sober. They are also a good option for people who cannot leave responsibilities, such as family, work, or school obligations.

PHP Programs

Partial hospitalization programs (PHPs), also called intensive outpatient programs (IOPs), are more comprehensive than outpatient programs but less comprehensive than inpatient programs.

They provide similar services to inpatient programs, including medical services, behavioral therapy, and support groups. The biggest difference is that in a PHP, you return home to sleep. Sometimes food and transportation services are provided, but this varies by program.

New patients with a consistent home life and support system can benefit from PHPs. Patients who finish an inpatient program but still need intensive treatment may also enroll in a PHP.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Co-occurring disorders are when you simultaneously have an addiction and a mental health disorder. Doctors call co-occurring addiction and mental illness a dual diagnosis.

If you have a dual diagnosis, you should go to a treatment center that provides dual diagnosis treatment. They have cross-trained therapists who have experience treating mental illnesses along with addiction. 

Medication-Assisted Therapy (MAT)

Some medications can help reduce the side effects of detoxification and withdrawal. Others can help reduce cravings and normalize body functions for certain types of addictions.

MAT can help prevent relapse and increase your chance of recovery when combined with other evidence-based therapies.


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