Updated on May 17, 2024
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Updated Drug and Alcohol Statistics for Nebraska

Nebraska has been facing the consequences of drug and alcohol addiction, with concerning rates of substance use disorders and overdose deaths. The state has also seen higher percentages of youth substance use compared to the national average. This article presents a comprehensive overview of the current state of drug and alcohol use in Nebraska, highlighting the most shocking statistics and the challenges faced in treatment and recovery.

  • Methamphetamine treatment admissions rose more than 200% from 2008 to 2018.
  • An average of 720 annual deaths in Nebraska are attributable to excessive alcohol use.
  • Nebraska youth continue to report higher percent usage among each grade level than the National average.

Substance Use and Disorders

Substance use disorders are prevalent in Nebraska. The annual average prevalence among people aged 12 or older was 9.9% from 2017 to 20191.

  • From 2015 to 2019, 5.0% of Nebraska adults reported cocaine use in the past year1.
  • During the same period, 6.4% of Nebraska adults reported current marijuana use1.
Nebraska chart 1

Alcohol Use and Related Issues

Alcohol use and related issues are significant concerns in Nebraska, particularly among youth. In 2013, 22% of high school students reported drinking alcohol in the past month, with 14% reporting binge drinking2.

  • In the same year, 7% of Nebraska high school students reported alcohol-impaired driving2.
  • An average of 720 annual deaths in Nebraska are attributable to excessive alcohol use3.
Nebraska chart 2

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Opioid Crisis and Overdose Deaths

While Nebraska's opioid prescribing rates are lower than the national average, the state still faces challenges related to the opioid crisis and overdose deaths. In 2017, Nebraska had a prescribing rate of 56.6 prescriptions per 100 persons4.

  • In 2020, Nebraska had 214 drug overdose deaths, with an 11.4 mortality rate per 100,000 population5.

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Youth Substance Use

Youth substance use is a growing concern in Nebraska, with the state reporting higher percentages of use among each grade level compared to the national average6.

Treatment and Recovery

Nebraska has been working to address the challenges of substance use disorders through various treatment and recovery initiatives. In a single-day count in March 2019, 5,868 people in Nebraska were enrolled in substance use treatment7.

  • Nebraska has three treatment centers for opioid use disorder, with funding available for buprenorphine treatment for underinsured or uninsured individuals8.

The drug and alcohol crisis in Nebraska has far-reaching consequences, affecting individuals, families, and communities across the state. By understanding the scope of the problem and the specific challenges faced, policymakers, healthcare providers, and community organizations can work together to develop targeted interventions and support systems. With a comprehensive approach that includes prevention, treatment, and recovery services, Nebraska can make strides in addressing this public health emergency and saving lives.

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Updated on May 17, 2024

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