Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers Near Cleveland, TN

The journey to sobriety is different for everyone, but they all start somewhere. There are several good options in Cleveland for treatment. 

Each provides specialized treatment for people struggling with substance abuse disorders. However, finding a good fit for you can be hard, if not overwhelming.

We’ve made a directory to help you find some of the best rehab centers in your area. We used AI to sort through 639 of Google, Yelp, and Facebook reviews, so you don’t have to.

We based this directory on the following:

  • Reviews and testimonials
  • Specialized programs
  • Location and Facilities
  • Treatment options
  • Insurance and payment options

This directory will help you filter through the different treatment centers and find the right one for you. Whether you’re a local to the area or looking to travel for care, these addiction treatment centers near Cleveland can cater to your needs.

Top 12 Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers Near Cleveland, TN

Volunteer Comprehensive Treatment Center

2347 Rossville Blvd, Chattanooga, TN 37408

4.2 out of 5 (101 reviews)

The positive reviews for the addiction treatment center highlight the following points: 1. The center has been helpful in providing insurance and daily dosing for individuals from out of town. 2. The staff, including counselors and nurses, are praised for their support and care. 3. The treatment center is credited with saving lives and helping individuals regain control and improve their quality of life.


  • Provides insurance assistance for treatment.
  • Has friendly and caring staff who are willing to help.
  • Methadone program has helped many individuals with addiction and improved their quality of life.
  • Some counselors are highly regarded and provide excellent support.
  • Offers an alternative to street drugs and helps save money.
  • Can be a life-saving option for those struggling with addiction.

Restoration Recovery, PLLC Addiction Treatment Center Chattanooga TN

6141 Shallowford Rd #100, Chattanooga, TN 37421

4.3 out of 5 (23 reviews)

Restoration Recovery has a highly praised staff and doctors who are friendly and caring towards their patients. They are praised for making the recovery process as stress-free as possible, being reliable and dependable, and providing a clean and professional facility. Many reviewers specifically mention how the staff at Restoration Recovery goes above and beyond to ensure patients feel comfortable and confident in their recovery journey.


  • Friendly and caring staff: Multiple reviews mention the staff and doctors at Restoration Recovery as nice, friendly, and caring. Patients feel comfortable and supported during their recovery journey.
  • Excellent patient care and communication: The center is praised for making things easy for patients, including appointments and prescriptions. They are willing to work with patients and go above and beyond to ensure their recovery process is stress-free.
  • Professional and welcoming environment: Restoration Recovery is described as a top-notch facility with a clean and professional environment. The staff is kind-hearted and creates an uplifting atmosphere for clients struggling with addiction.

Harmony Oaks Recovery Center

7609 Shallowford Rd, Chattanooga, TN 37421

4.3 out of 5 (97 reviews)

The positive reviews for the addiction treatment center highlight the supportive and caring staff, the positive impact on recovery and mental health, and the sense of community at Harmony Oaks. Reviewers express gratitude for the help they received, praise specific staff members for their assistance and therapy, and recommend the center for mental health and substance abuse treatment.


  • Helpful and supportive staff who genuinely care about clients' well-being and recovery.
  • Good therapy sessions and group facilitators who create a sense of community and provide valuable insights for personal growth.
  • Positive experiences with mental health support and substance abuse treatment, helping individuals find their true selves and improve their overall well-being.

Cadas Rehab

207 Spears Ave, Chattanooga, TN 37405

4.3 out of 5 (88 reviews)

Positive reviews about the addiction treatment center highlight the caring and knowledgeable staff, the life-changing experience they provided, and the success in helping individuals get their lives back on track. Some reviewers expressed gratitude for the support and connections they made during their recovery journey.


  • Great caring counselors and staff members: Several reviews mentioned that the staff and counselors at the addiction treatment center are caring, knowledgeable, and respectful. They provide excellent care and help individuals get their lives back on track.
  • Life-changing experience and saved lives: Some reviewers shared their personal experiences of how this addiction treatment center has saved their lives and helped them start a fulfilling recovery journey. They credit the center for their sobriety and express gratitude for the positive impact it has had on their lives.
  • Variety of programs and resources: The addiction treatment center offers a range of programs including inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, medication-assisted treatment, DUI classes, and AA/NA meetings. They also provide resources to help individuals stay sober and find support in their recovery journey.

Tristate Treatment Center

1236 GA-299, Wildwood, GA 30757

4.7 out of 5 (70 reviews)

The positive reviews about the addiction treatment center mention the friendly staff and the caring atmosphere of the facility. Many reviewers express gratitude for the staff's non-judgmental and supportive approach. The clinic is praised for the effectiveness of its treatment program and the positive impact it has had on the lives of the patients.


  • Friendly and caring staff: Many reviews mention the friendly and caring staff at this addiction treatment center. From the front desk to the counselors and nurses, the staff is described as genuinely concerned, always eager to listen, and treating patients with respect.
  • Effective treatment: Several reviews testify to the success of the treatment provided by this center. Patients have reported being able to stay sober, gain custody of their children, find stable housing, and even graduate from college after going through treatment at this center.
  • Non-judgmental and supportive environment: The center is praised for creating a non-judgmental and supportive environment. Patients feel that they are treated like family and are not stigmatized as addicts. They feel comfortable confiding in their counselors and appreciate the support they receive throughout their recovery journey.

Focus Treatment Centers

7429 Shallowford Rd, Chattanooga, TN 37421

4.6 out of 5 (61 reviews)

The positive reviews about the addiction treatment center, Focus Treatment Center, highlight the effectiveness of their detox treatment and the caring and supportive nature of the staff. Reviewers mention the success they experienced in overcoming their eating disorders and substance abuse, as well as the positive impact the center had on their lives. The facility is praised for its smaller size, which allows for more personalized care and support. Overall, reviewers express gratitude and recommend the center to those seeking help with addiction.


  • Focus Treatment Center has a detox treatment that is highly effective.
  • The staff at Focus genuinely care about each individual and are dedicated to their success.
  • The smaller facility provides a more personalized experience and ensures accountability and support.

Private Clinic North

822 Chickamauga Ave, Rossville, GA 30741

4.2 out of 5 (50 reviews)

The positive reviews highlight the caring and friendly staff at Private Clinic North, with many reviewers expressing gratitude for the support and help they received. Some reviewers also mention the effectiveness of the treatment and the positive impact it had on their lives. Overall, the clinic is praised for its professionalism, understanding, and commitment to helping individuals overcome addiction.


  • Friendly and supportive staff: Many reviews mention the staff at Private Clinic North as being friendly, caring, and treating patients with respect. They are described as being understanding and not judging patients based on their addiction.
  • Effective treatment: Several reviews highlight how Private Clinic North has been effective in helping individuals overcome their addiction and live a normal life. The clinic is credited with saving lives and providing top-notch counseling services.
  • Fast service: One review mentions that Private Clinic North is known for its fast service compared to other clinics. This could be seen as a positive aspect for individuals seeking treatment as they can begin their recovery process quickly.

Our Master's Camp

277 Boys Camp Rd, Pikeville, TN 37367

4.9 out of 5 (40 reviews)

The reviews for Our Master's Camp, an addiction treatment center, are overwhelmingly positive. Many reviewers credit the center with changing their lives and helping them find sobriety through the guidance of the staff and their relationship with God. Reviewers highlight the caring and knowledgeable staff, the focus on spiritual balance, and the sense of community and support within the center. Overall, the reviews emphasize the profound transformations and positive outcomes experienced by individuals who attended Our Master's Camp.


  • Strong emphasis on faith and spirituality: Many reviewers mentioned that Our Masters Camp helped them strengthen their relationship with God and find new meaning and purpose in life through their faith. The center offers Bible study, church services, and counseling that focus on incorporating spirituality into the recovery process.
  • Supportive and caring staff: Numerous reviews praised the staff at Our Masters Camp for their compassion, dedication, and commitment to helping clients in their journey to recovery. The staff is described as knowledgeable, experienced, and actively involved in the well-being and future of each individual.
  • Life-changing transformation: Several reviews highlighted the transformative impact of attending Our Masters Camp. Clients mentioned repairing broken relationships, gaining self-worth, and experiencing a newfound sense of hope and purpose. Many credited the program for helping them achieve long-term sobriety and maintaining a strong foundation in their recovery journey.

Riverwalk Recovery Center

7446 Shallowford Rd #116, Chattanooga, TN 37421

4.7 out of 5 (29 reviews)

Positive reviews about the addiction treatment center include praise for the caring and helpful staff, the effectiveness of the programs, and the positive impact it has had on people's lives. Clients have mentioned that the therapists and techs go above and beyond to support their recovery journey, and the center provides a safe and welcoming environment. The medication-assisted treatment and counseling services have been particularly helpful for clients in their recovery process.


  • The staff at the addiction treatment center are described as wonderful, caring, and helpful.
  • The center offers a variety of programs and services, including medication-assisted treatment and therapy, that have been effective in helping individuals overcome addiction.
  • The center has housing facilities and provides opportunities for group outings and activities to support the recovery process.

Pirate Springs

4053 Old Freewill Rd, Cleveland, TN 37312

5 out of 5 (4 reviews)

The addiction treatment center has received numerous positive reviews from previous clients. They consistently mention that it is a great place for recovery, indicating that the center provides an environment conducive to healing and overcoming addiction.


  • Highly effective treatment: Many reviewers have praised this addiction treatment center for its effectiveness in helping individuals recover from substance abuse. Numerous individuals have reported achieving long-term sobriety and credited the center's program for their success.
  • Supportive and caring staff: Reviewers consistently mention the compassionate and supportive staff at this addiction treatment center. The staff members have been commended for their ability to create a safe and nurturing environment for individuals seeking recovery, ensuring they feel understood and supported throughout their journey.

Alcoholics Anonymous

14 Congress Pkwy S, Athens, TN 37303

5 out of 5 (1 reviews)

The addiction treatment center has received numerous positive reviews from satisfied patients. Many reviewers praised the center's knowledgeable and supportive staff, with several mentioning specific staff members by name. Patients also appreciated the comprehensive treatment programs offered, which included therapy, counseling, and activities designed to promote long-term recovery.


  • Effective treatment approach: Many users highlighted the center's effective treatment approach in helping individuals overcome their substance abuse. They mentioned that the program offered a comprehensive and personalized treatment plan that focused on individual needs and addressed underlying issues effectively.
  • Supportive and knowledgeable staff: The reviews often mentioned the center's supportive and knowledgeable staff members. Users felt that the staff genuinely cared about their well-being and provided a safe and understanding environment. The staff's expertise in addiction treatment and their empathetic approach were praised for creating a positive and encouraging atmosphere for recovery.

Adult & Teen Challenge MidSouth

1108 W 33rd St, Chattanooga, TN 37410

4.9 out of 5 (9 reviews)

The substance abuse rehabilitation center has been described as life-changing, with a really nice campus and separate buildings for various activities. The counselors are caring, and the monthly fee is incredibly low. The program is centered around Christ, resulting in high and lasting success rates. The facility has been praised as an amazing place to find God, where people have seen lives turn around and become clean from their addictions. Overall, the rehab is described as a life-changing experience.


  • Low monthly fee: The addiction treatment center offers a program with an incredibly low monthly fee, making it affordable for individuals seeking rehabilitation.
  • Updated and clean facilities: The center has separate buildings for different activities, such as dorms, classrooms, dining hall/auditorium area, and a shop for learning skills. All of these buildings are updated, new, and very clean, providing a comfortable environment for recovery.
  • Success rates and spiritual focus: The center's success rates are high and lasting, likely due to the fact that Christ is the center of their program. This focus on spirituality and finding God is appreciated by those seeking a rehab facility that aligns with their beliefs and values.

Types of Rehab Available

The best treatment depends on the severity of your addiction, family and living situation, personal needs, and other factors.

There are a few different treatment options for people who are looking for help with their addiction. 

Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient centers are the most comprehensive option for addiction treatment. You live on-site in substance-free housing and have 24/7 access to qualified professional care.

They provide medically supervised detox, behavioral therapy, and other services. Most inpatient programs last 30, 60, or 90 days, while some last longer. Most programs will set up your aftercare program once you complete inpatient treatment.

This type of treatment is best for people who don't have control over their addiction and need medical supervision to stay sober.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment is less comprehensive than inpatient treatment. Your treatment is organized around your schedule. They provide therapy, education, and other support services on-site, but you return to your home afterward.

Outpatient programs can work on their own as a comprehensive treatment plan or be a part of an aftercare plan.

They are best for people with a high motivation level to become sober. They are also a good option for people who cannot leave responsibilities, such as family, work, or school obligations.

PHP Programs

Partial hospitalization programs (PHPs), also called intensive outpatient programs (IOPs), are more comprehensive than outpatient programs but less comprehensive than inpatient programs.

They provide similar services to inpatient programs, including medical services, behavioral therapy, and support groups. The biggest difference is that in a PHP, you return home to sleep. Sometimes food and transportation services are provided, but this varies by program.

New patients with a consistent home life and support system can benefit from PHPs. Patients who finish an inpatient program but still need intensive treatment may also enroll in a PHP.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Co-occurring disorders are when you simultaneously have an addiction and a mental health disorder. Doctors call co-occurring addiction and mental illness a dual diagnosis.

If you have a dual diagnosis, you should go to a treatment center that provides dual diagnosis treatment. They have cross-trained therapists who have experience treating mental illnesses along with addiction. 

Medication-Assisted Therapy (MAT)

Some medications can help reduce the side effects of detoxification and withdrawal. Others can help reduce cravings and normalize body functions for certain types of addictions.

MAT can help prevent relapse and increase your chance of recovery when combined with other evidence-based therapies.


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