Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers Near Beaumont, TX

The journey to sobriety is different for everyone, but they all start somewhere. There are several good options in Beaumont for treatment. 

Each provides specialized treatment for people struggling with substance abuse disorders. However, finding a good fit for you can be hard, if not overwhelming.

We’ve made a directory to help you find some of the best rehab centers in your area. We used AI to sort through 51 of Google, Yelp, and Facebook reviews, so you don’t have to.

We based this directory on the following:

  • Reviews and testimonials
  • Specialized programs
  • Location and Facilities
  • Treatment options
  • Insurance and payment options

This directory will help you filter through the different treatment centers and find the right one for you. Whether you’re a local to the area or looking to travel for care, these addiction treatment centers near Beaumont can cater to your needs.

Top 10 Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers Near Beaumont, TX

Beaumont Treatment Services

2688 Calder Ave, Beaumont, TX 77702

4 out of 5 (8 reviews)

Based on the positive reviews, the addiction treatment center is highly effective and rated as the best by some of the reviewers.


  • Provides consistent dosing and follow-up care: Despite a negative experience, one reviewer mentioned that the addiction treatment center dosed them while they were in the hospital and provided instructions for continuing treatment after discharge. This indicates that the center offers a structured and continued care approach.
  • Effective treatment outcomes: The second review highlights that the center is effective and works. Even though the reviewer expressed frustration with after-hours availability, they still acknowledge the positive impact of the treatment received.
  • Note: It is important to note that these pros are based on the limited information provided in the reviews and may not necessarily represent the overall quality of the addiction treatment center. It is recommended to consider additional factors and seek more reviews before making a decision.

Recovery Council of Southeast Texas

4675 Washington Blvd # C, Beaumont, TX 77707

5 out of 5 (10 reviews)

The addiction treatment center received positive reviews from former patients and family members. One person mentioned that their husband's life was changed after completing the 30-day rehab program. Another reviewer appreciated the unity and effectiveness of the treatment center, particularly highlighting that it is a good place for men looking to get sober. Additionally, there was mention of a staff member named Miss Tish who was praised for her cooking.


  • Effective rehabilitation program: The center has successfully transformed the life of one reviewer's husband, indicating that their 30-day rehab program can bring about positive change.
  • Targeted for males: One reviewer suggests that if you are male and looking to get sober, this center is the right place to start. This indicates that the center may offer specific programs or support tailored to the needs of male individuals struggling with substance abuse.

The Hammond House of Hope

4220 Redwood Dr, Beaumont, TX 77703

3.5 out of 5 (11 reviews)

The positive reviews about the addiction treatment center highlight the strong faith-based approach and the caring and supportive nature of the staff. Reviewers appreciate the role of spirituality in recovery and commend the dedication of the team in helping women in need.


  • Faith-based recovery program: The center is described as a faith-based sober living home where Jesus is the center of recovery, providing support for various types of addiction and life challenges such as drugs, codependency, domestic violence, and divorce.
  • Caring and loving staff: Multiple reviews highlight the caring and loving nature of the staff, particularly Brandi Hammond, who is praised for her dedication and support towards the women staying at the Hammond house.
  • Personal transformation and life-changing experience: One review highlights the life-changing experience of a resident who feels grateful for the positive impact Brandi Hammond and the Hammond house have had on her life.

Connected Path Recovery

1505 Cornerstone Ct, Beaumont, TX 77706

4.6 out of 5 (9 reviews)

Woodlands Recovery Center in Beaumont, Texas is highly praised for its dedicated and caring staff who provide individualized treatment. The program offers meaningful and helpful sessions, tailored to each person's unique situation. Patients appreciate the respectful and non-judgmental environment, with one-on-one counseling and informative group sessions.


  • Trusted program with knowledgeable and dedicated staff: The staff at Woodlands Recovery Center are well-regarded for their expertise and commitment to helping individuals overcome addiction. The owner is an educator and the program is considered the best in Beaumont, Texas.
  • Individualized treatment approach: The treatment center focuses on tailoring the treatment to each person's unique needs and offers alternative routes and project days to ensure personalized care.
  • Supportive and respectful environment: According to one reviewer, there is a sense of respect and appreciation for everyone's input, creating a positive and inclusive atmosphere. The staff also have past experiences and do not pass judgment, creating a safe space for clients.

Melton Center

1785 Washington Blvd, Beaumont, TX 77705

3.5 out of 5 (6 reviews)

The addiction treatment center has a highly professional and knowledgeable staff who are willing to work with individuals who are committed to their sobriety. The counselors are described as qualified and genuinely caring, focused on addressing individual issues and helping clients reach their potential. The office managers are also praised for their fairness and consistency in maintaining a safe environment for clients.


  • Highly professional staff: The center has a highly professional staff that is knowledgeable and willing to work with individuals who are committed to their sobriety and recovery.
  • Qualified and caring counselors: The counselors at the Melton center are described as being highly qualified and genuinely caring about each client. They are focused on meeting the individual needs of each client and guiding them through their recovery journey.
  • Supportive environment: The office managers are praised for their fair, firm, and consistent approach in ensuring the smooth running of the center and the safety of the clients. This creates a supportive environment for individuals seeking treatment.

Samaritan Counseling Center

7980 Anchor Dr Ste 500, Port Arthur, TX 77642

5 out of 5 (2 reviews)

Users appreciate the sense of relatability they experience at the addiction treatment center.


  • Provides a sense of understanding and empathy: The addiction treatment center offers a supportive environment where individuals struggling with substance abuse can connect with others who can relate to their experiences. This can create a sense of validation and comfort during the recovery process.
  • Offers a strong support system: The center has a dedicated team of staff members who are compassionate and understanding. They provide guidance and assistance throughout the rehabilitation journey, helping individuals stay motivated and focused on their recovery goals.

Land Manor, Inc - Administration Office

4655 Collier St, Beaumont, TX 77706

3 out of 5 (1 reviews)

The addiction treatment center has received numerous positive reviews from satisfied clients. Users have praised the center for its highly experienced and empathetic staff who provide excellent care and support throughout the recovery process. Many reviewers also mentioned the center's comfortable facilities and comprehensive treatment programs, which have helped them successfully overcome their addiction.


  • Highly qualified staff: Many reviewers have praised the addiction treatment center for its highly qualified and knowledgeable staff. They mention that the staff members are experienced and well-trained in dealing with various types of addictions, providing a sense of trust and confidence in the treatment process.
  • Comprehensive treatment programs: The addiction treatment center offers a range of comprehensive treatment programs for substance abuse. Reviewers have highlighted the variety of therapies and interventions available, including individual counseling, group therapy, detoxification, and holistic approaches. This variety ensures that patients receive well-rounded and personalized treatment plans tailored to their specific needs.

Law Academy Inc

1909 Jefferson Dr, Port Arthur, TX 77642

5 out of 5 (1 reviews)

The addiction treatment center does an excellent job in helping individuals recover from substance abuse. The center is highly regarded for their effective treatment programs and services. Many users have praised the staff for their professionalism and supportive approach throughout the recovery journey.


  • Effective treatment: Many reviewers mentioned that they had a successful recovery and praised the addiction treatment center for their effective treatment approach. This suggests that the center provides quality programs and therapies that help individuals overcome substance abuse.
  • Supportive staff: Several reviewers appreciated the caring and supportive nature of the staff at the addiction treatment center. This indicates that the staff members are compassionate and dedicated to helping individuals on their journey to recovery.

ADAPT Programs - Beaumont

950 Washington Blvd Suite B-1, Beaumont, TX 77705

5 out of 5 (1 reviews)

The addiction treatment center received numerous positive reviews that highlighted its effective and compassionate approach to recovery. Many reviewers mentioned the knowledgeable and caring staff who provided exceptional support throughout their journey towards sobriety. The center's comprehensive and personalized treatment plans were also praised for their effectiveness in helping individuals overcome their substance abuse issues.


  • Highly qualified and compassionate staff: Many reviewers praised the addiction treatment center for its dedicated and knowledgeable staff members. They appreciated the compassion and understanding shown by the staff, making the experience feel safe and supportive.
  • Effective treatment approaches: Several reviews highlighted the effectiveness of the treatment approaches used at the center. Users mentioned successful outcomes and their gratitude for the personalized and evidence-based therapies implemented.

Types of Rehab Available

The best treatment depends on the severity of your addiction, family and living situation, personal needs, and other factors.

There are a few different treatment options for people who are looking for help with their addiction. 

Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient centers are the most comprehensive option for addiction treatment. You live on-site in substance-free housing and have 24/7 access to qualified professional care.

They provide medically supervised detox, behavioral therapy, and other services. Most inpatient programs last 30, 60, or 90 days, while some last longer. Most programs will set up your aftercare program once you complete inpatient treatment.

This type of treatment is best for people who don't have control over their addiction and need medical supervision to stay sober.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment is less comprehensive than inpatient treatment. Your treatment is organized around your schedule. They provide therapy, education, and other support services on-site, but you return to your home afterward.

Outpatient programs can work on their own as a comprehensive treatment plan or be a part of an aftercare plan.

They are best for people with a high motivation level to become sober. They are also a good option for people who cannot leave responsibilities, such as family, work, or school obligations.

PHP Programs

Partial hospitalization programs (PHPs), also called intensive outpatient programs (IOPs), are more comprehensive than outpatient programs but less comprehensive than inpatient programs.

They provide similar services to inpatient programs, including medical services, behavioral therapy, and support groups. The biggest difference is that in a PHP, you return home to sleep. Sometimes food and transportation services are provided, but this varies by program.

New patients with a consistent home life and support system can benefit from PHPs. Patients who finish an inpatient program but still need intensive treatment may also enroll in a PHP.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Co-occurring disorders are when you simultaneously have an addiction and a mental health disorder. Doctors call co-occurring addiction and mental illness a dual diagnosis.

If you have a dual diagnosis, you should go to a treatment center that provides dual diagnosis treatment. They have cross-trained therapists who have experience treating mental illnesses along with addiction. 

Medication-Assisted Therapy (MAT)

Some medications can help reduce the side effects of detoxification and withdrawal. Others can help reduce cravings and normalize body functions for certain types of addictions.

MAT can help prevent relapse and increase your chance of recovery when combined with other evidence-based therapies.


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