Anthony Armenta

Content Contributor

Anthony Armenta brings valuable health writing experience spanning complex research and accessible consumer information to his work for AddictionGroup. He earned his degree in International Relations from UC Irvine before moving to Barcelona, where he has specialized in medical editing for over 5 years.

In his role at the renowned Hospital Clinic Barcelona, ranked 21st best hospital worldwide, Anthony helps edit manuscripts on breakthough areas like infectious disease, cancer immunotherapies, and AI-powered treatment personalization. He recently co-edited a study exploring personalized AI models to improve outcomes for COVID-19 patients.

Additionally, Anthony authors psychology and mental health blogs grounded in research, partners with VR platforms on behavioral health initiatives and works to simplify health language overall. He collaborates with medical startups and doctors to transform their messaging into more engaging, patient-focused resources.

Across editing clinical papers and writing blogs for general audiences, Anthony believes accurate, easy-to-grasp health information can motivate readers to take action. This ethos of education and empowerment shapes his writing philosophy and commitment to covering topics like addiction through a solutions-focused lens.


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