Cheryl Mearig, PharmD.

Medical Reviewer

With a passion for enriching both patients and fellow providers, Dr. Mearig offers Addiction Group readers an invaluable pharmacy perspective grounded in over 15 years of practice. She earned her Bachelor’s in Pharmacy from the rigorous University at Buffalo program, accumulating hands-on experience administering life-saving interventions across New York state. Though finding community pharmacy incredibly rewarding, Dr. Mearig pursued her calling to transform systems of care by returning for a Doctor of Pharmacy degree.

She has since worked in diverse settings - from managing common disease state education to serving as a Clinical Assistant Professor training future generations of pharmacists. Recognized for research around behavioral change models, Dr. Mearig frequently speaks at national conferences on substance use disorder treatments. She also holds advisory roles guiding pharmacy best practices for underserved populations. Across her prolific career, Dr. Mearig believes in the power of compassionate, patient-centered approaches alongside medication tools. Her wealth of expertise now further empowers Addiction Group readers.