Ellie Swain

Content Contributor

Ellie's deep passion for social justice led her to study Sociology, concentrating many research projects on healthcare access barriers facing marginalized communities. These experiences revealed firsthand connections between homelessness, income inequality and high rates of untreated mental health and substance use disorders.

While working in digital media, Ellie volunteered writing about local homelessness nonprofits and harm reduction efforts for newspapers. She has since transitioned to professional health writing - regularly covering addiction treatment, medication-assisted therapies and substance abuse prevention.

For Addiction Group, Ellie infuses her articles with insights from both academic research and interviews with those navigating recovery. She spotlights stories of strength while making sure readers have science-backed information on disorders. Ellie also advocates for vulnerable groups through her writing, aiming to address stigma and other obstacles to seeking care. Her mission is providing authoritative resources that offer readers hope, reduce barriers and empower action.


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