Nicko Estrellado

Content Contributor

Nicko Estrellado is a content writer for AddictionGroup. He earned a B.A. in literature from De La Salle University. After graduating, Nicko spent his days honing his writing skills for technical and creative works. Nicko now works as a full-time content writer and researcher. He believes that misinformation has no place in writing and that content should provide accessible information to people.

Nicko has worked as a copywriter and content writer for three years. He has experience writing research-based content for marketing and advertisement. His career has led him to reviews, think pieces, and now medical writing. 

Nicko hopes that his work educates the public about addiction. He wants to provide easily accessible information regarding addiction, treatment options, and therapy. This includes treatment facilities, common treatment procedures, and information on different addictive substances. The end goal is to help people find information catering to their needs.