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Dilated Pupils & Drugs

What Causes Pupil Dilation? Your pupils naturally dilate depending on your exposure to light. When the light is too bright, your pupils will constrict to minimize the amount getting into your eyes and dilate in dim light.  Pupil dilation is an involuntary nervous system response to light that protects your eyes from too much light […]
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Sudden Sniffing Death Syndrome

What is Sudden Sniffing Death Syndrome (SSD)? Sudden sniffing death syndrome (SSD) occurs from inhalant use. It can cause cardiac arrest or heart failure. This can happen the first time a person tries inhalants or any time after that. Young people are the most common users of inhalants, so they are the most at risk […]
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How to Tell if Someone Is High

If you do not know what to look out for, it can be challenging to determine if someone is high on drugs. However, when you learn the signs of drug use, it can be easier to identify when they are under the influence. Different drugs lead to various symptoms of use in individuals. Here are […]
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How to Sober Up

What Does “Sobering Up” Mean? When someone consumes excessive amounts of alcohol or another type of drug, they need time to sober up to function as usual. While there are some ways to improve mental and physical functioning in the short-term, it's almost always impossible to sober up quickly. Even if a person uses methods […]
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