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How Much Does Luxury Rehab Cost?

Key Takeaways

Pros and Cons of Luxury Rehab

There are pros and cons to attending a luxury rehab program. At first glance, these facilities might seem ideal, but not everyone excels in these types of programs.


Cons of luxury rehab include:

1. Higher cost

Luxury facilities charge tens of thousands of dollars more than traditional facilities.

2. Distractions

Some people find the amenities offered at these facilities to be a distraction from the work they need to do during recovery.

3. Too self-directed

Many people with addiction need more direction than they receive in luxury facilities. 

They might not be equipped to make decisions about therapists and therapy, length of treatment, and the structure of their day.

4. Not as focused on healing

Luxury rehab facilities offer support for overall health and well-being, but might lack focus on dealing with addiction. 

Some fail to teach people the strategies needed to maintain sobriety in everyday life. 

These types of facilities receive criticism for being expensive and focused more on recreation and relaxation than recovery. 


Pros of luxury rehab include:

1. Privacy

Luxury rehabs offer private accommodations while onsite. 

They protect the identity of participants while in the program. 

This not only makes people more comfortable during the program, but it also ensures public figures can attend rehab without concern that the media will reveal their situation.

2. Individualized treatment 

One of the biggest advantages of luxury rehab is the individualized attention participants receive. 

Most people dealing with addiction do well with focused, customized treatment approaches. 

Everyone is different. When medical treatment is carefully tailored to their individual needs, they’re likely to have better long-term results. 

Some facilities let people choose their therapist and include a variety of alternative treatment approaches, including acupuncture, art therapy, or massage in their recovery plan.

3. Comfort

Luxury facilities offer everything you’d find in a five-star resort. 

Amenities include things like high-quality furnishings, luxury linens, spa-like bathrooms, access to world-class chefs, and lush outdoor accommodations.

4. Relaxation

Luxury facilities make rest and relaxation a top priority. 

Many participants find this helps them deal with the anxiety and depression that likely play a role in their addiction.

5. Recreation

In addition to treatment and top-notch accommodations, luxury facilities offer access to activities such as horseback riding, swimming, and more.

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What is Luxury Rehab?

Luxury rehab offers the basic aspects found in most programs. But it also includes amenities to make the experience as comfortable as possible. 

Most luxury rehab facilities have beautiful outdoor surroundings and gourmet food. 

They are similar to what you would find at a vacation resort. However, they also provide evidence-based addiction treatment and medical and addiction recovery support. 

There’s usually a wide array of alternative treatments available at a luxury treatment center. These include music therapy, acupuncture, art therapy, animal therapy, and more.

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What Services Does Luxury Rehab Offer?

Services offered by luxury addiction rehab vary from facility to facility.

Most facilities offer basic recovery and medical support that you’d find in a traditional rehab facility. Some also offer alternative medical services directly related to recovery.

The most comprehensive establishments provide basic and alternative services for treating drug or alcohol addiction. 

They also offer a variety of other amenities designed to create a spa-like environment and promote relaxation, comfort, and overall well-being. 

Most luxury drug and alcohol rehab programs are located in lush areas and look and feel similar to vacation resorts. 

Guests enjoy private accommodations that are comparable to what you’d find at a five-star hotel.

Some of the services offered in luxury rehabs include:

  • Yoga sessions
  • Meditation
  • Acupuncture
  • Reiki
  • Aromatherapy
  • Massage
  • Maid service
  • Art therapy
  • Animal therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Swimming
  • Saunas
  • Spiritual counseling/support

This is in addition to the services found in traditional facilities that include:

  • Medically supervised detox
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Family counseling
  • Therapy
  • Medication-assisted treatment (MAT)

Luxury rehab offers access to amenities that:

  • Are enjoyed outside of rehab by some people
  • Provide the highest level of comfort and relaxation
  • Offer added motivation some people need to do the work required during the recovery process

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Why Should You Choose Luxury Rehabs for Addiction Treatment?
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Is Luxury Rehab Worth The Cost?

For some people, the answer to this question is a resounding “yes.” They prefer access to the comfort and indulgence offered in these programs.

For others, luxury rehab isn’t an option, nor is it necessary. Recovery is possible with or without high-end amenities.

Recovery is an individualized experience. 

If someone believes they need a holistic approach in a resort-like environment, they’re more likely to succeed in a luxury program. 

But this doesn’t mean that people who can’t afford these types of facilities will fail. 

Additionally, some people who can afford luxury rehab find that traditional programs are better for them. It all depends on their specific circumstances and needs. 

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How Much Does Luxury Rehab Cost?

Luxury rehab programs are more expensive than regular drug addiction treatment. 

They range from $30,000 to $100,000 or more for a 30-day stay. 

Costs of luxury programs vary based on location and amenities. This is compared to rates for regular rehab that range from $5,000 to $20,000 a month.

Luxury facilities rarely offer payment assistance or accept public funding.

Most programs accept insurance, but it’s unlikely for an insurance provider to cover the entire cost of a stay at a luxury facility. 

In some cases, insurance will cover the amount it would cost to participate in a regular drug and alcohol addiction treatment program. However, the attendee is responsible for the remaining amount.

Why Does Luxury Rehab Cost More Than Other Programs? 

A stay at a luxury rehab center costs more than other programs because of the additional amenities they offer. 

They usually have lush surroundings, provide high-end private accommodations, and provide access to resort-style amenities. This includes: 

  • Gourmet meals
  • Spa services
  • Recreational activities
  • Maid service 

People pay more for luxury rehab treatment centers because they want to enjoy the experience. 

People with access to luxury services outside of rehab want those amenities during their substance use recovery. 

Others want to pamper themselves because they believe it will enhance their recovery success. Some patients are public figures and need privacy and seclusion as they recover from their addiction. 

Luxury rehab facilities offer all of the services and support provided by traditional treatment providers such as hospitals and medical clinics. But they also provide everything someone needs to feel comfortable, pampered, and relaxed. 

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Updated on February 6, 2024

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